bach violin sonata no 1 in e minor prelude

Bach – Sonata for Unaccompanied Violin in G-minor, Movement 1, Adagio

Arthur Grumiaux – Modern Violin (Adagio ends at 3:45)

Hillary Hahn – Modern Violin

Lucy van Dael – Baroque violin

Jennifer Roig-Francoli

Your paper should be 850-1000 Words, which is 3-4 pages of double spaced 12-point typeface.

Research the Bach unaccompanied violin sonatas. Do we know when and for whom they were composed? Were they popular in his day? How are they regarded today?
Listen to these four “covers” of the Adagio. Two are on modern violin and two are on Baroque violin. Use terminology studied in class, i.e. “mezza di voce,” “timbre,” “rubato,” “vibrato,” etc. when answering the following questions:
Are there general differences in sound and interpretation between the modern and Baroque versions?
This Adagio is an improvisatory piece (i.e. sounds spontaneous as if the player is making it up on the spot.) Rank the performances from most improvisatory to least improvisatory
For the one(s) that are more improvisatory, how is this quality projected by the player?
Pay attention to the notes of longer duration. How do the different performers handle the longer notes in terms of expression (vibrato, tone color, etc.)?
Also, rank them to the degree that they are espressivo, can you identify what about the performance makes you feel one is more expressive than another?
Which “cover” do you like the most, which the least and why?

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