Topic 6 DQ 2-2

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Please make a comment to the text below, (don’t forget references and citation if used)

The developmental markers that a nurse should assess for in a 9 month old infant are drinks from a cup with assistance, pokes at objects with finger, develops finger thumb pincer grasp to squeeze objects then grasp and pick up object, scribbles with crayon to marker, takes objects out of a container, gets to sitting position without assistance, stands alone, walks holding onto furniture, and may take a few steps without holding on. A 9 month old should also be able to respond to simple verbal commands from others for example no. Child should also imitate sounds like mama or dada, but does not associate sounds with mom or dad (Green, 2018). The infant also recognizes people in the family and begins to wave bye (Green, 2018).

Per CDC recommendations it is important to take and play with your baby to continue and encourage development and growth. Have a safe area where baby can move freely as baby should be mobile increase in motor skills is to be encouraged. Make sure that food is cut in to small pieces to prevent choking. Continue breast feeding if the child is being breast fed and encourage running and playing outside to keep weight in check. As the nurse it would be

Early interventions and identifications can help identify disabilities and delays early so that the child can have the best out come to correct these issues before school age (Green, 2018).

The nurse would also have to address the issues of the infant being in the fifth percentile or below for failure to thrive. An assessment on any issues with home life and feeding issues they might behaving would be helpful. Education on proper nutrient for an infant this ages as well.

Green, S. (2018). Grand Canyon University (Ed). Health Assessment: Foundations for effective practice.

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