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In New York State, to practice as a registered professional nurse is defined as diagnosing and treating human responses to actual or potential health problems through such services as case-finding, health teaching, health counseling, and provision of care supportive to or restorative of life and well-being, and executing medical regimens prescribed by a licensed physician, dentist or other licensed health care provider legally authorized under this title and in accordance with the commissioner’s regulations (February, 2018). The American Nursing Association developed the first nursing scope and standards of practice in 1973. The standards of nursing have changed to better equip the modern nursing practice. Although the nursing standards and guidelines are differentiated based on State the nursing profession remains the same.

The New York state board of nursing develops the standards of practice in my state. The board of regents appoints the state board of nursing to assist with matters of professional licensing and professional conduct. This state board of nursing compose of eleven registered professional nurses and four licensed practical nurses all licensed and practicing in New York State for at least five years. An executive secretary to the board is appointed by the board of regents and shall be a registered professional nurse registered in New York State (February, 2018). The state board of nursing is led by registered and licensed New York State nurses who are experienced. Therefore, the board is well knowledgeable about improvements or change needed to advance the New York State nursing standard of practice. The diversity in the state board of nursing allows better continuation of improved nursing standards to reflect positively on client outcome.

The standards of practice influence the nursing process. It is a guideline for all nurses regardless of the area of specialty. It authorizes nurse to function independently when providing client care. However, the nurse must practice within the scope of practice regardless of the given clinical situation. The standard of practice for professional nurses in New York indicates a nurse must be competent to perform certain services even if New York law generally allows a nurse to provide the service. If a nurse is not trained or competent to provide a service and performs it they may be charged with professional misconduct for practicing outside their area of competency. This standard of practice upheld by the New York State law enables me to practice within my scope of practice as a new nurse.

Education Law: Article 139 Nursing. (2018, February 2). Retrieved December 4, 2018, from

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