Economic Factors and Community instutions paper

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Hi! Below are the requirements for my paper. My assigned topic is Economic Factors and Community institutions. I am attaching a screenshot of the two pages of the book below mentioned which pertain to my topic. The book defines institution as a societal norm i.e.- marriage, so I was gearing my paper towards economic factors and marriage rates of Worcester Ma, and comparing them to Boston Ma. Mass was the first state to legalize gay marriage, so I think there will be a lot of data on economic correlation to the institution of marriage. The whole idea of my topic is that its one piece of assessment info important to the public health nurse. There is a project piece which I can take care of once I have the paper and references out of the way. It is due Friday the 17th, is this enough time? The rest of the rubric is below, along with one handout attached with the two screenshots of the book.

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Anna Maria College

Baccalaureate Nursing Program

NUR 402: Community Health Nursing

 Culturally Informed Community Health Assessment

Purpose of the Assignment: For nursing students to gain insight into the work a community/public health nurse performs when entering into a new community. Assessment of the population is the first step in the overall process. The framework that will be used to gather data for purposes of this course is Dreher and Kemp (2011).

Goal: Each student will complete the cultural or health topic assigned and relate it to the City of Worcester. Based on the data collected, each students will give a 10 minute presentation on the assigned date and provide a written paper (3 page limit excluding charts and/or other statistical graphs) that will be handed in at the end of the presentation. The oral presentation is worth 6 point and the paper is worth 6 points for a total of 12 points, which will be a part of your final grade in Community Health Nursing. 

Helpful Hints:  Read chapter 3 and the section in Dreher and Kemp (2011) chapters 4 or 5 where your topic is found. All of the assigned community cultural and health assessment topics have suggested areas of where to search for relevant information. Please feel free to explore other areas beyond the suggestions if you feel it will be helpful to cover your topic. Each topic has suggested activities to help you focus your presentation. It is generally helpful to display data in graph form to help the audience appreciate inferences and salient points. The epidemiological triangle is another graphic that may be helpful to display your results. You may use the computer to display your graphics but you may not give the entire presentation using power point slides. Making the presentation interactive is always a positive way to engage the intended audience.

~APA (6th edition) format is expected. Remember senior nursing students will have points deducted from the final grade for poor spelling, grammar, and other APA formatting errors.

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