written assignment 5 technology and assessment

Written Assignment 5: Technology and Assessment

For this written assignment, you will submit an assessment activity that includes technology and applies to your content area. This written assignment should focus on an analysis of your technology-focused assessment activity in terms of best practices for using technology to assess student learning (this information can be found in the various website and article links provided within this module). In addition, based on the readings in this module, please provide a few strategies or ideas for how you can increase your use of technology in assessing student learning.

Please make sure you are not just talking about a technology based activity that you have done in your classroom. This has to be a technology based assessment tool.

Assignment Guidelines:

This 3-4 page written assignment/reflection should include a title page and references (which don’t count as part of the total page expectations). Your paper should be double spaced, 12 point font, and in APA format.

Extra Info:

Learning Guide: Performance Assessments.

Performance tasks add rigor and vitality to curriculum and assessment. As culminating tasks, they bring focus to multiple goals and important skills for students. Teachers, other school colleagues, and students must carefully plan and document student work. It is essential that students are given consistent, coherent, and careful feedback. In addition, it’s important for teachers to understand effective ways to determine what the tasks are telling them. A brief overview on simple analysis will help support you as you learn to analyze the assessments that you give in your own classroom. Performance tasks should be directly aligned with the objectives they’re intended to measure.

A few notes about performance tasks: (from Stuart, 2004, – p. 78)

  • Performance tasks must consider both process and product. Feedback at every stage of the work is important.
  • Performance tasks must be manageable for teachers and students alike.
  • Performance tasks must be purposeful. Whether designed by teachers or students, tasks must include clearly defined standards and performances toward which students move in well-defined steps that guide the learning process.
  • Performance tasks must be scaffolded and differentiated for student success. They must be developmentally appropriate. Students need to take risks. They also need a safety net, encouragement, and direction when they regroup and try again.
  • Because performance tasks are complex and take time to create, they are more successful when they are developed by a team of teachers.
  • While an assessment task may require an authentic performance that can simulate ideas and skills used in real life, it also includes the practice and development of discrete skills along the way.
  • A performance task should aim to generate new thinking, deeper understanding, and complex reasoning that is demonstrated through the performance, not merely represent a re-enactment or a recreation of a standard solution.

From Stuart, L. (2004). Assessment in Practice: A View from the School. Newton, MA: Teachers 21.

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