writing report about the roundabout i already did the design by using autocad 3d 1

The question in file Roundabout.docx ( some Instructions and some information about the new project and what I need).

so, you will writing about Roundabout in the a new locution was insertion single light and I did the design by using AutoCAD 3D Civil to make Single-Lane Roundabout and you will using 01 Basic_Roundabout file and you will update it for my location and you will using all reference from all guide FHWA and NCHRPReport672 ( just ch6) so, focus on how your intersection situation/characteristics matches the FHWA Informational Guide and NCHRPReport672 ( just ch6)

The reference are :

1- FHWA informational Guide.pdf

2- NCHRPReport672_Roundabouts-AnInformationalGuide only Chapter 6 is just (single Roundabout.pdf)

3- Instructions for how to create AutoCAD under 01 Basic AutoCAD.doc ( use this file for the paper and Update it for anew roundabout for single lane.

4- All pics of my design in one file under AutoCAD.rar

Ask me any time for any question

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