Write about Jo Daviess IPLAN and also compare and contrast to the DeKalb

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What makes a good IPLAN?We know it is central to the concept of community health planning in Illinois, but what are the formal and informal elements of a really good IPLAN document that can

actually be used by both planning professionals and the general public?

“The Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs (IPLAN) is a community health assessment and planning process that is conducted every five years by local health jurisdictions in Illinois. Based on the Assessment Protocol for Excellence in Public Health (APEX-PH) model, IPLAN is grounded in the core functions of public health and addresses public health practice standards.

The completion of IPLAN fulfills most of the requirements for Local Health Department certification under Illinois Administrative Code Section 600.400: Certified Local Health Department Code Public Health Practice Standards.

The essential elements of an IPLAN are: see “Course Information” for examples of these“essential elements” of an IPLAN:

  • an organizational capacity assessment;
  • a community health needs assessment; and
  • a community health plan, focusing on a minimum of three priority health problems.”
  • Accessibility, Availability and Acceptability of the IPLAN.County Health Departments take the lead in Illinois.Is your County IPLAN available online? Is it clear, and easy to understand?Does the document itself use a lot of technical jargon, or is it expressed in nontechnical language anyone could understand?How user-friendly is the website?Does the IPLAN have a Table of Contents?Executive Summary?Elements presented in a logical order?Is there a glossary of terms used in the IPLAN somewhere in the IPLAN or at the end of the Plan?Can the IPLAN be easily downloaded?
  • Reliability and Validity of Data Set Information:Does the county IPLAN you’re working with
    • Community Health Status: The collection, analysis and presentation of quantitative data regarding key community attributes and health indicators.
    • Community Themes and Strengths:Qualitative data reflecting the opinions related to the most pressing health needs in the community.
    • Local Public Health System Performance Assessment:An evaluation of the collective performance of the many entities within the local public health system.
    • Forces of Change: An overview of the key trends, events or factors that currently or could

(Illinois Department of Public Health, 2013).These items speak to the formal, government-required elements of an IPLAN.


In addition, there are other informal criteria which are important to have in any good public planning document:

include a mandated data set?Does the data set seem to support the goals and objectives presented in the IPLAN itself?How old are the data sets provided? How reliable are these data? If the data sets are more than 4 years old, where would you go to get updated data?How valid are the data sets?What would you do to improve this problem?(Be sure to define “validity” and “reliability” and why both concepts are important to having a usable data set).

>Please see page 3 of this assignment for directions for completion of the Paper and the PowerPoint presentation.

Another accepted way to do IPLANS is MAPP (Mobilization for Action through Planning and Partnerships.MAPP is a community-wide assessment and strategic tool for improving health, developed by the National Association of County and City Health Officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

MAPP provides communities with a framework to collect and analyze health data; identify and prioritize community health issues; and develop and implement action plans that address defined needs.

There are four MAPP assessments:

potentially impact the quality of health or health care delivery.

Each county can choose which kind of IPLAN it does.But if they choose to utilize MAPP, the County Health Department still has to include all the items listed in the APEX-PH model. 8 to 10 pages

Therefore, the five questions which appear under the “APHEX”explanationon page 1.If your county uses MAPP, you’ll have to explain where the APHEX-PH criteria basically show up!

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