write a speech draft 2

Please write a speech draft with a powerpoint about Hypothetical Curated Group Show.

Topic: You pick the artists, the work, the venue, write the press release, budget the project, design an invitation—a show from start to finish—a make believe one!! Please make sure each person can speak at least 5 mins (3 people)

Requirement:Seminars may take any form that you wish: lecture; talk illustrated with overheads, slides, images, etc; video production; discussion; etc! BE CREATIVE!…you will be graded, however, in the following areas:

—Each person in the group must participate by speaking/addressing the class.

—The information provided must be organized clearly and delivered in a manner that is easy to understand.

—It is very useful for others to receive a summary of some kind of the information that you have compiled, interpreted, and presented. Again, this may take the form of a hand-out, or something more interesting. At minimum, you must present to me some tangible aspect of your presentations: summary, video, web site, etc. This should also outline each person’s contribution to the presentation.

—Concentrate on PRACTICAL INFORMATION that will be useful to your colleagues (there is no need to spend 10 minutes discussing the history of the OAC, for example. It may be useful to briefly mention how the OAC came to be, but more important is what it can do for artists today)

Use any and all resources that you have at your disposal (online, books, websites, etc.) However, you MUST also gather some information BY ACTUALLY SPEAKING TO SOMEONE. This is also known as Primary Research.

Please follow the requirement carefully before u start!

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