write a report 56

The Task:

Bearing in mind the role of an industrial hygienist in a workplace as described above, you are to write a report on occupational health hazards that can cause health impactor discomfort in a workplace. Your report should define and explain the meaning of occupational health hazards, explain in detail the classification ofoccupational health hazards that can cause ill health or discomfort in a workplace, their consequences and explain industrial hygiene control methods for reducing and eliminating occupational health hazards in a workplace.

The report must include:

• Title

• Introduction

• Classification of occupational health hazardsthat can cause ill health

• Consequences of occupational health hazardsin the workplace

• Control methods for reducing and eliminating occupational health hazardsin a workplace

• Conclusions and recommendations

• References

• Guidelines:


Your report should contain up to 2000 words supported with only scientific references.

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