Wk 9 Response #1 Nursing Technology

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Please create a response to my classmate posting that I will list below.

APA format*** 2 paragraphs for the response below***at least 4-5 sentences each paragraph***2 References**

My Classmates posting is below:

Impact of HITECH Legislation on My Organization

I believe the only organizations that could feel they are not affected by HITECH legislation are those who do not accept Medicare or Medicaid. If an organization does accept either of these, then there will be a great motivation to understand and comply with the legislation. The rules are to enforce superior outcomes buy refusing to pay if certain percentages of positive outcomes are not met (McGonigle &Mastrain, 2015). My practice, like most others, feels the impact of this and we strive to ensure quality care. One of the most important issues we face is not ever having venous access infections since we are constantly accessing through ports and IVs. There is a monitoring program and reminders posted around the office regarding safe technique.

Incentives Influence Adoption of HIT/ Impact on Care Quality

HIT has made monitoring easier as well as proof of compliance. If practices comply and provide positive outcomes then there will be a monetary incentive as reward through CMS (McGonigle & Mastrain, 2015). Studies show that physicians are motivated by the incentive but a secondary reward is more positive outcomes for patients (Begum et al., 2013). The same is true in our practice. While we know our digital tracking of infection rates helps us with reimbursement, there is also a great sense of pride that we have almost non-existent infection rates. So it is a win-win situation: the practice makes more money and the patient has better care.

Summary of Chosen Article/Meaningful Use

The article I chose was a study as Mass General Hospital where physicians were given a financial incentive to increase quality measures in meeting Federally mandated HIT meaningful use standards (Torchiana et al., 2013). The article looks at how even low incentives served as a catalyst for better outcomes. To me this s not an indicator that physicians are grasping at even small amounts of money, but rather, if there is an outlined target to follow for better practices, physicians will make the concerted effort to perform. While the financial benefit is nice, I believe the guidance and mindfulness to do better is the real motivation. For example, none of we nurses profit financially from the low infection rate at my practice, but we are very proud of it and fight to keep those statistics!


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McGonigle, D., & Mastrain, K. G. (2015). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge (3rd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning.

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