Where is Mercer County? IPLAN

Question Description

My county is Mercer County

Mechanics of the paper:

  • Each Person is to organize an 8-10 page paper (you may exceed 10 pages, but need at least 8).
    • Each page should be double-spaced
    • 12-point font ONLY; Times New Roman Font ONLY.
    • 1 inch margins all around—top, sides, and bottom of each page.
    • Number each page sequentially, upper right-hand corner of page, after page 1.
    • Your finished paper needs to include a title page with each section listed.
    • Each page is one-sided.
    • A special link will appear on your course menu to allow you to turn in your paper beginning Week 10, if you want to finish your paper early.
  • Each paper will consist of 5 parts, corresponding to the five criteria detailed above.
  • Each section will include an assessment of how your County interpreted the state mandate,
  • Start each section of your paper with a definition of what it is you want to discuss; e.g.
  • Provide at least two examples of whether or not your individual IPLAN section(1-5)
  • For each of the five criteria for an IPLAN (three formal, two “informal”), compare
  • Compare your County’s IPLAN to how DeKalb County covered the same “Element”.
  • Please do not exceed two pages for each of the five criteria.

will be accepted after that time and date.

Content of the Paper:

by examining the actual elements of each section of their IPLAN.

“organizational capacity”, “community health needs assessment”, other criteria (formal

and informal).

conforms to State of Illinois expectations. How do you know it conforms/does not conform?

that element with the corresponding part of Kettner’s “Logic Model”. How does it reflect

Kettner’s Logic analysis

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