what are the three most important things you learnt from the two articles

Read the two Harvard Business Review attached below. Write three bullet points of one or two sentences each on the three most important things you learnt from the two articles. I have also summarized them under Personal Development in the Session Overview. Also indicate which articles you liked the most.

https://hbr.org/2013/04/make-yourself-an-expert Make Yourself an Expert by Dorothy Leonard, Gavin Barton, and Michelle Barton. Harvard Business Review, April 2013, 127-132.

HBR article: Make Yourself an Expert: Almost every organization has people it can’t do without—specialists with “deep smarts,” who are the go-to experts on critical issues. But because their knowledge is experienced-based, it’s often instinctive and unarticulated, and never gets passed on. Capturing it is a challenge for both the organization and for colleagues who wish to become in-house authorities themselves.

This article offers a methodical system for acquiring deep smarts from an expert. It involves observing that person extensively to understand what makes him successful, practicing the behaviors he exhibits on your own, partnering with him to solve problems, and ultimately taking responsibility for some of his tasks. Describing the experiences of one executive as she takes this journey with a mentor, the authors show how you too can gain the wisdom that will make you indispensable to your firm.

https://hbr.org/2012/11/a-campaign-strategy-for-your-career A Campaign Strategy for Your Career by Dorie Clark. Harvard Business Review, November 2012 131-134.

HBR article: A Campaign Strategy for Your Career: Organizations are inherently political, and pretending they’re not is just plain impractical. But strategizing like a politician to advance your career doesn’t have to mean compromising your integrity. You can craft a campaign plan that actually gets results without making you feel soiled.

So argues Clark, who has worked with top-tier politicians and business executives as they strive to achieve their goals. She recommends that in business, as in politics, aspiring leaders choose their career milestones from the get-go and plan precisely what reaching each one will demand. That means taking inventory of the skills you’ll need to acquire and figuring out exactly where and how you’ll develop them.

The best career planners work backward on the calendar: They start with the end points and carefully mark, in reverse, all the steps along the way. Then they set out on the course, identifying influential people whose favor they need to win and getting specific about how to garner it. They use power maps to home in on the most influential individuals and groups, and they aren’t shy about courting votes.

“Being political” still sounds negative to many people in business, but learning how to play the game doesn’t have to be a Machiavellian endeavor. Indeed, harming people in the process won’t help you at all, but if you eschew the political process altogether, you’ll only harm yourself.

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