Week 9: Assessment of Cognition and the Neurologic System

Week 9: Assessment of Cognition and the Neurologic System


Assignment 2: Lab Assignment: Practice Assessment: Neurological Examination


Short of opening a patient’s cranium or requesting a brain scan, what can an advanced practice nurse do to determine the cause of neurological symptoms? A multitude of techniques can be used to generate a neurological diagnosis.

In preparation for the Comprehensive (Head-to-Toe) Physical Assessment due this week, it is recommended that you practice performing a neurological examination.


Note: This is a practice physical assessment.


To Prepare


  • Arrange an appropriate time and setting with a volunteer “patient” to perform a neurological examination.
  • Download and review the Neurological Checklist provided in this week’s Learning Resources as well as review Seidel’s Guide to Physical Examination online media.

The Lab Assignment


Complete the following in Shadow Health:

  • Neurological (Practice)




Assignment 3: Digital Clinical Experience: Comprehensive (Head-to-Toe) Physical Assessment


Throughout this course, you were encouraged to practice conducting various physical assessments on multiple areas of the body, ranging from the head to the toes. Each of these assessments, however, was conducted independently of one another. For this DCE Assignment, you connect the knowledge and skills you gained from each individual assessment to perform a comprehensive head-to-toe physical examination in your Digital Clinical Experience.


To Prepare


  • Review this week’s Learning Resources and download and review the Physical Examination Objective Data Checklist as well as the Student Checklists and Key Points documents related to neurologic system and mental status.
  • Review the Shadow Health Resources provided in this week’s Learning Resources specifically the tutorial to guide you through the documentation and interpretation with the Shadow Health platform. Review the examples also provided.
  • Review the DCE (Shadow Health) Documentation Template for Comprehensive (Head-to-Toe) Physical Assessment found in this week’s Learning Resources and use this template to complete your Documentation Notes for this DCE Assignment.
  • Access and login to Shadow Health using the link in the left-hand navigation of the Blackboard classroom.
  • Review the Week 9 DCE Comprehensive Physical Assessment Rubric provided in the Assignment submission area for details on completing the Assessment in Shadow Health.
  • Also, your Week 9 Assignment 3 should be in the Complete SOAP Note format. Refer to Chapter 2 of the Sullivan text and the Week 4 Complete Physical Exam template and use the template below for your submission.


Week 9 Shadow Health Comprehensive SOAP Note Documentation Template (See Template below)


Note: There are 2 parts to this assignment – the lab pass and the documentation. You must achieve a total score of 80% in order to pass this assignment. Carefully review the rubric and video presentation in order to fully understand the requirements of this assignment.


DCE Comprehensive Physical Assessment:


Complete the following in Shadow Health:

  • Episodic/Focused Note for Comprehensive Physical Assessment of Tina Jones (180 minutes)

Note: Each Shadow Health Assessment may be attempted and reopened as many times as necessary prior to the due date to achieve a total of 80% or better (this includes your DCE and your Documentation Notes). 


Submission and Grading Information


  • Complete your Comprehensive (Head-to-Toe) Physical Assessment DCE Assignment in Shadow Health via the Shadow Health link in Blackboard.
  • Once you complete your Assignment in Shadow Health, you will need to download your lab pass and upload it to the corresponding Assignment in Blackboard for your faculty review. 
  • (Note: Please save your lab pass as “LastName_FirstName_AssignmentName”.) You can find instructions for downloading your lab pass here: https://link.shadowhealth.com/download-lab-pass
  • Review the Week 9 DCE Health History Assessment Rubric, provided in the Assignment submission area, for details on completing the Assignment.
  • Complete your documentation using the documentation template in your resources and submit it into your Assignment submission link below.
  • From the Plagiarism Tools area, click the checkbox for I agree to submit my paper(s) to the Global Reference Database
  • Complete the Code of Conduct Acknowledgement. 
  • Note: You must pass this assignment with a minimum score of 80% in order to pass the class. Once submitted, there are not any opportunities to revise or repeat this assignment. 




Week 9

Shadow Health Comprehensive SOAP Note Template


Patient Initials: _______                 Age: _______                                   Gender: _______





Chief Complaint (CC): 


History of Present Illness (HPI): 






Past Medical History (PMH):


Past Surgical History (PSH): 


Sexual/Reproductive History:


Personal/Social History: 


Health Maintenance: 


Immunization History:


Significant Family History: 


Review of Systems: 





            Cardiovascular/Peripheral Vascular:











            Physical Exam:

Vital signs: 





Heart/Peripheral Vascular: 







Diagnostic results: 




PLAN: This section is not required for the assignments in this course (NURS 6512), but will be required for future courses.






Logging information: Abdoul.ndiaye@waldenu.edu

PWD: Amadou04wa# 


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