week 5 migration and urban politics

Answer the following questions (3-4 sentences):

a) What do you understand by ‘Right to the city’?

b) Are you convinced by the arguments author David Harvey makes? Why or why not?

c) After your reading about migrants and migration, do you think migrants have a right to the city? Why or why not.

d) Describe your key takeaways about Latino/a migration and urban politics (at least 2-3 points) that you got from reading the Jamie Winders article.

e) Are you convinced by Winders’ argument about focusing on Latino/a migration to the South? Why or why not?

Part II: Comment on a classmate’s post (2-3 sentences):

e) Do you agree or disagree with their response to b) and c)? Why or why not?

Please feel free to reach out to me with questions or clarifications.


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