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In order to meet the challenges of the upcoming years, nurses will need to advocate and support one another. The approach of shared governance has proven to be a useful tool for nurses to effectively manage and navigate their profession. Workplace advocacy (WPA) can create and add to the concepts in share governance (Green & Jordan, 2004). With the rapidly transforming healthcare system, nurses can find themselves facing concerns such as limited resources among others. Because of the significant advocacy role for their patients, there can be challenges often between nurses and administration or leadership (Green & Jordan, 2004). Sometimes, these challenges can lead to disagreement and conflict. It is how the nurse responds to this conflict, continues to advocate for his/her patients, and identify resources available that are of the most importance.

Per Green and Jordan, 2004, WPA functions over all levels, including national, state, and local. It provides the tools for nurses to utilize varying strategies, both micro and at the macro-level. Nurses are then prepared to use their voices to strengthen the advocacy process. For instance, at the macro-level, state and national nursing organizations such as the American Nurses Association (ANA) support and encourage the advancement of the nursing practice through professional standards (Green & Jordan, 2004). Also, initiatives which change legislation in healthcare policies can be promoted by the macro-level of WPA. Each nurse has a duty to their profession to be a part of the macro-level advocacy via being a member of a professional nursing association and being part of patient advocacy, practicing self-determination, and nurses’ rights in the workplace environment (Green & Jordan, 2004).

As Green further explains, the ANA formed the Commission on Workplace Advocacy (CWPA) in the year 2000. Then in 2003, further changes led to the name, Center for American Nurses (CAN). CAN is associated with the ANA, and together they form a collaboration of thirty-eight state based nursing associations (Green & Jordan, 2004). CAN supports the nursing profession and encourages workplace empowerment via innovative strategies, technologies, products and programs to increase value in the workplace. Also, micro-level strategies supported by CAN are staffing levels and safety programs in ergonomics (Green & Jordan, 2004). From the leadership of micro-level nurses, significant changes can take place with WPA. Some characteristics of WPA include accountability, empowerment, conflict resolution, and patient advocacy. Because knowledge is a vital tool in the nursing profession, nurses aware of and utilize WPA are accountable and empowered advocates for their patients, profession, and workplaces.

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