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As Murphy, 2014 explains, in about 1999, when hospitals and healthcare facilities began to report increased medical errors, was the time when a new role of nurse was being formed out of necessity. Shortly after, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) reported that medical errors are not specifically an individual’s error, but rather defect systems or processes. In 2001, the American Association for Colleges of Nursing (AACN) formed to a task force to address this significant national concern. The group evaluated and assessed the skills and knowledge a clinical nurse leader (CNL) would require. In 2003, the clinical nurse leader was born (Murphy, 2014). In fact, the AACN describes the CNL as “the first new nursing role in 40 years” (Murphy, 2014, p.53). The CNL is not a manager or administrative nurse leader, but a leader in a microsystem in order to improve patient outcomes and provide leadership and accountability. In addition, the CLN plans, implements and then evaluates patient care via interdisciplinary collaboration, delegation, and clinical supervision of the unit or area he/she is leading (Murphy, 2014).

The CNL’s education involves a Masters in Nursing, along with advanced training in leadership, quality information, and metrics. Moreover, the CLN is trained specifically for the improvement in best patient outcomes and safety within the complexities of the healthcare environment (Murphy, 2014). A clinical nurse specialist (CNS) operates as a macro nursing leader in the organization or entity, whereas the CNL is concerned with the micro-level and implements the best standard of practice and able to decide if plan of care requires changes and/or adjustments (AACN, 2012). Also, the CNL functions across all healthcare arenas, such as in public health, and is not limited to just the acute care settings (AACN, 2012

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