visual arts essay min 750 words

General requirements consistent across all paper assignments are outlined in the attached PDF (click on the link above).

What’s unique about this Visual Arts Paper assignment?

  • For the visual arts essay, consider focusing your discussion on one example — one piece of visual art. The example discussed might be a painting, sculpture, pottery, work of architecture, or another work that is experienced visually.


First, identify an example of a work that is of interest. The work can be from any time period. Refer to the textbook for examples of visual art that catch your interest. Next, conduct research to find credible background information about the work. In addition to the textbook, consult the Seminole State College library and article databases.

  • For the visual arts essay, consider background information on these topics: when and where was the work created, by whom, and how was the work shared with audiences; brief biographical information about the artist; historical information about the time period in which the work was created, and key events or concerns of the time; how the work was similar to work that came before it and how it differed in materials, techniques, or subjects. Consider how the art has represented or influenced culture. Include in the paper a discussion of the problem(s) the artist was trying to solve when creating the piece. The artist might have been addressing social problems, political issues, religious debates, as well as struggling with limitations of available materials or the known techniques of the time. Discuss the efforts of the artist to solve such problems. This paper assignment is essentially a problem-solution essay.
    Each final paper must include an essay and a works cited page(s). Each essay is a minimum of 750 words
    The paper will be typed, double-spaced, and formatted according to MLA 8th Edition
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