U.S. Office of Personnel Management Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Certificate NNSA Cap

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As a participant in the NNSA LEAD Project Manager/Team Leader program, you are working toward the receipt of the LEAD Certificate. Participation in this program is an important step in your leadership journey. To be awarded the LEAD Certificate, candidates must complete the required five courses within the designated year of participation, work on a team project assigned by your NNSA Sponsors, and complete a final Capstone paper. The purpose of the Capstone is to synthesize lessons learned as a result of NNSA LEAD Certificate Program.

Capstone Paper

The Capstone paper should provide a program overview of no more than 4-6 pages. It should demonstrate the quality required for senior management review. The required Capstone paper sections and suggested content are listed below.


Begin the paper by setting the context of your LEAD experience.

• Introduce yourself, your organization, and your job duties.

• Explain relevant organizational and/or professional development topics you addressed during the LEAD Certificate program.

• Conclude the introduction with an explanation of what will be discussed in the paper.

Course Content Highlights, Lessons Learned and Applications

Include a discussion of what you learned in your coursework.

• Identify and discuss 3-4 key lessons learned.

• Any meaningful highlights of the courses that influenced you

• Discuss how the lessons learned can be applied to relevant organizational and/or professional development topics.

Describe Your Team Project

• A short summary of the team project.

• How you applied your learning to being a member of the project team.

• An appendix to the paper may be a Powerpoint or the Summary Report you provided to your Sponsor.

Leadership Growth and Development

Include a discussion about how the courses impacted your understanding of leadership.

• Discuss 1-2 of the most important lessons learned about leadership.

• Share any personal discoveries you made about your leadership style.

• Provide your definition of leadership and include relevant course content that contributed to the definition.

Actions Taken or Planned

Include a discussion about actions you have taken or plan to take as a result of the courses taken.

• Describe any personal changes you have made and explain the impact.

• Report on 1-2 actions you have taken that impacted your leadership style, yourorganization ; explain the impact.

• Discuss any actions you plan to take in the future and why.


Conclude the Capstone paper with a short review of the main points made and include a discussion about your personal and/or professional plans for the future.

Feedback on the LEAD Program (optional and not rated)

Please provide feedback on the overall LEAD Program. This should be added as a separate document, not part of the official Capstone. This would provide assistance to ensure that the Certificate program meets NNSA needs.

• What did you like best about the program?

• What would you change?

Capstone Paper Format

Please use the guidelines below to format your Capstone paper.

• Capstone title/topic, candidate name and organization, and Certificate level, e.g., Project/Team Lead LEAD Certificate

• 4-6 numbered pages in length

• Time New Roman 12 pt, one inch margins, flush-left headings, single-spaced with double-spaced paragraphing

• Free of typing, grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors

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