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Under California mandatory reporting law, certain professionals should report actual or suspected child abuse or child neglect (SCLG, 2020). It is a crime if the professionals do not report the case incidence within 36 hours of learning or suspecting the abuse or neglect. Child abuse or neglect includes any form of physical, emotional, sexual abuse, willingly harm or injury to the child, production of child pornography, and any form of neglect for a person below the age of 18 years (SCLG, 2020). Suspected case should be reported to any police department or sheriff’s department and social service agencies. The mandated reporter must have reasonable suspicion that the child could have been mistreated; no proof is required to make reporting. One can immediately or as soon as possible can make a telephone call to child welfare services, or to a police or sheriff’s department to report the case. While reporting in a written form, report must be faxed or submitted electronically within 36hours in a form called 8572. It can be downloaded at;

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