throwing good money after bad the bbc s digital media initiative

Write a one-page paper that thoroughly addresses the questions below.


  1. The BBC originally contracted with Siemens, a successful and capable technology solution provider. What happened to the DMI project when it was being managed by Siemens, and what was the BBC’s response?
  2. How would you describe the communication of project status from the BBC DMI project team to their executive sponsors and government oversight team?
  3. Summarize: List and describe FOUR bad project management practices that led to the failure of this project.

One of our tasks this week was to review the “Four Hour House” video, and another similar video “The 2-Hour House.”

These amazing stories show “Project Management” at its finest. As you watched the videos, you were asked to jot down notes about the project management “Best Practices” you observed taking place during the construction projects.

For this week’s discussion board, please post your EIGHT Best Practices that you observed in the 4-hour and 2-hour House videos.

Videos available on Youtube

Read Case 1 in the Tanglewood Stores Case and complete the following assignment:

1. Develop recommendations for how the organization should staff its operations, focusing on strategic decisions pertaining to staffing levels and quality. Identify and address each of the strategic decisions in your analysis and recommendations. These decisions are discussed in the textbook.

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