three paragraphs about trends impacting the company amp sustainability strategies procter amp gamble

I have a homework in Business Concepts class. Here is what the report is about:

The company we are doing the report about is Procter & Gamble.

Part One: Trends and Challenges Impacting the Company (Procter & Gamble)

Include the following content in two paragraphs:

1) Economic trends which are impacting the company’s operations (e.g. choose one or two of the following: trends in demand and supply of their products/services, unemployment rate, consumer confidence in the economy, exchange rates, stock market performance, government monetary and fiscal policies, etc.)

2) Global and other general trends affecting the company’s operations (e.g. free trade agreements and competition, labour mobility, global and multi-domestic strategy decisions, unemployment levels, mergers and acquisitions, etc.)

Part Two: Sustainability Strategies (Procter & Gamble)

Include the following content in one paragraphs:

 Strategies being used by the company to stay competitive amid the challenges and trends discussed in part two above.

Formatting and Other Requirements:

1. Reference all your sources, using APA format.

3. Write your report in an academically accepted language and tone

4. Use Times New Roman (12 font size) or Arial (11 font size). The report should have a minimum of 1 page, double spaced (excluding the reference page).

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