this week you examined the various stages of group as well as the dynamics associated with each stage

Assignment 2 will help you to clarify and illustrate your understanding of your own personal approach as a group leader and the importance of understanding potential challenges in group work. You will use this week’s text readings to help you with this assignment.

Create one to two paragraphs for each of the essay questions below.

1. What are the seven steps in the group forming stage? Choose one step and discuss why it is crucial to this stage.

2. Identify and explain three “useful procedures” for the beginning stage of a group. Why are these important to having a good beginning to a group?

3. Name and discuss one potential “people problem” and one potential procedural issue that may occur in the forming stage of a group.

4. Identify some aspect that you have recently discovered about yourself that had previously been “hidden from your view.” Using Lufi’s Johari Window describe how you came to be aware of this aspect of yourself. How will this awareness help you as a group leader?

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