there are two things to do here 2

First assignment :- Research Project

For this assignment, I included everything you need to do in a word document.

You need to follow every step in the document please. Also, do this in (1500-1600 words).

Last thing, in the document the professor listed couple of topics to pick from and do the research. So, choose one of them. Do not choose a topic that is not listed in the document.

Second assignment :- Research progress report

Here you will submit an update that describe:

  • The research you’ve done to date
  • The topics that research applies to
  • Any problems or complications you’ve encountered in research and what you are doing about them
  • What you have left to do before completing a draft.

In this assignment, all the questions are related to the first assignment. So, do them while you are doing the first assignment.

Do these questions in 500 words

So once you are done, you should send me two word documents. One for the first assignment and one for the second assignment.

Thank you 🙂

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