The Potential Effects Of Exclusive Aerobic Exercise Training For The Prevention And Treatment Of Major Chronic Diseases.

KINE 4304 – 001: Fall 2018

Guidelines for the document: 

1. Submit your class project in a word document

2. Your name, class, title, etc. on a cover sheet

3. Font: Arial 10, line spacing 1.5. Format: APA 

4. Include the page number (i.e., at the bottom of the page) after the cover sheet

5. Cite your references in the text (remember you must include professional peer-reviewed articles for section one)

6. The document has to be properly stapled and be free of grammatical and spelling errors

7. The reference list (i.e., APA format) should appear at the end of section I

The Class Project includes two (2) sections. 

First section: Literature review (60% of grade):

You are required to search information that addresses the following topic: “The potential effects of exclusive aerobic exercise training for the prevention and treatment of major chronic diseases.” 

The literature review must include ONLY peer-reviewed scientific articles. You need to cite at least five or more different scientific publications. You might use the link below when searching for peer-reviewed articles.

**The first section should address, report, discuss, explain, and summarize questions such as: what is known about the topic (e.g., inactivity, amount of physical activity, chronic diseases, etc.); the positive and/or negative effects of aerobic training, the potential assessments needed; the recommendations for program implementation (e.g., supervised or non-supervised), the potential benefits and outcomes, etc. **

Second Section: Case Study – Exercise Prescription (40% of grade):

Provide a prudent, yet effective and comprehensive exercise prescription (i.e., aerobic, resistance, and flexibility training) for losing weight for middle-age woman (age; 46 years old) whose physician has advised her to shed 20 pounds, of excess weight. You will need to explain in full detail the justification for the implementation of health appraisal and pre-assessments during an aerobic exercise training program. Be sure to address the FITT principle and then explain how you would apply the training principles (i.e., progressive overload, specificity, periodization, etc.) into her training program. 

Please be sure to provide the rationale (in other words, you are required to explain in full details each of your statements) for each of your recommendations and suggestions during the early stages of her potential exercise prescription (i.e., risk stratification, pre-assessments, exercise testing, starting point, etc.). In addition, please calculate and classify her BMI accordingly. Height = 5 feet 6 inches (1 foot = 12 inches; 1 inch = 2.54 cm); weight = 169 pounds

Background: Currently she doesn’t have to much free time during the week to engage in regular exercise training; however, she has decided that she needs to start doing something in order to take care of herself. She has been inactive for the past two years; however, she used to do some Pilates and yoga twice a week. Now she realizes that she needs to engage in a more comprehensive and structured exercise program.

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