The Most Dangerous Woman in America Essay

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Please write a 750 words for a documentary .

Do not write a summary

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 The Most Dangerous Woman in America Essay 

Mary Mallon was one of the first identified healthy carriers
of typhoid. It is estimated that she is responsible for 51 confirmed cases of
typhoid and three deaths. 1 Public health officials and the Mayor of New York forced her to be quarantined on two separate occasions for a total 26
years. In approximately 750-1,000 words address whether you believe her forced isolation was justified and discuss the ethical implications. In your argument, you may want to elaborate on US laws regarding quarantine and the role of immigration. Remember to think about the right of the individual vs the right of a society to remain/maintain health and what are the legal and
ethical implications for the side you choose to support.  Think about that by the time she died health officials identified more than 400 other healthy carriers of Salmonella typhi that were not forcibly confined.1  You may also want to consider if  there are any examples of people are diseases that parallel what happened to Mary? This assignment will be worth 30 points.  

Note if you write
a summary of the documentary rather than an argumentative essay, you will not receive

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