T18 DQ 2-1 Discussion

Question description

Please respond to the following post with your opinion add citation and references.

There are several exercises mid-aged adults can engage in that will help promote a healther life style. Walking being one that promotes weight loss and circulation in the legs.

Being a nurse, when talking to patients, we can discuss the advantges of a patient taking brisk walk two three time weekly that would benefit the health and wellness of the patient It would also help with the blood circulation in the legs and feet on the patient as well, hepling to prevent bllod clots from forming that would cause the patient to possibly be subject to a Heart condition, which is another illness that he or she would have to be worried about.

Dealing woth a Heart Condition would mean having to take additional medication, eating special foods, adjusting to certain types of conditions as well as maintaining a strick medical attending visitation schedule of doctor visites.

Patients should learn to read as much information on their condition as posible, ask questions when they dont understand, write down any changes that take place they are not sure about. Never think any question is crazy, tell them to ask them all.

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