some question about the movie moneyball

ou’re going to be writing one short paper for me this semester, worth 100 Points. The paper is due on or before Sunday, March 8, end of day. This is a HARD deadline. Papers will be accepted after this point, with a significant grade penalty.

The paper should be about 1500 words. It should be professionally prepared, that is, word-processed with all identifying information included at the top of the first page (your name, name of the class, date, movie title, etc.), spell checked, edited, etc.

In order to receive a good grade for the paper, you must answer the questions posed about the film. You have a many works to select from; I’ve selected about a series of films and documentaries for you to choose among for your paper options, detailed in here below. The library has copies of some of them; ask at the desk. Most of the films should also be easily available through on-line services such as Netflix; many of you might have one or two in your home library. Hulu and other online sites also have some of the older films. Check here and click the movie paper tab for further details. I have some of them in my office and am willing to lend them to students.

Take a look at the docs, read the questions, pick a film, watch it, and then write up your reactions. For full credit, fold your reactions to the questions in a set of cohesive, coherent paragraphs. DO NOT simply write numbered answers to each question. Use your text or google for additional information about terms you are unsure about for additional help.

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