Shortage of Nurses NPs vs PAs

Question DescriptionYour presentation topic is Nurse Practitioner versus Physician Assistant. You will be presenting week 4 beginning February 5. You should have your tegrity/power point available for your cohorts no later than February 4. Be sure to include the history of both and the differences and similarities in education and practice.


As an advanced practice nurse, you may be called upon to address an issue or problem to organizational leaders, key stakeholders, or policy makers. The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to perform an extensive search, to analyze, synthesize, and present an important issue or problem affecting advanced practice nursing and the delivery of safe care.

For this assignment you will need a headset (such as Logitech) for the recording on Tegrity. In addition to your recording, you must also include a power point with your presentation to allow your cohorts to both listen and visually follow your presentation.

Prior to your scheduled time to present, you must have your power point/tegrity presentation available to your cohorts before Tuesday at 12:00 AM.

Your presentation should clearly identify the issue or problem and how it affects advanced nursing practice. You should also include the following (1)pertinent historical aspects of the topic; (2)social, political, and legal aspects of the topic; (3)appropriate research findings related to the topic; (4)a critical analysis of the importance of the topic to advanced practice nursing today. If your topic is an issue (a debate or argument over a problem that affects many), you must include both sides of the debate. If your topic is a problem, you must include contributing factors and barriers to finding workable solutions. Whether your topic is an issue or a problem, you must include why the issue or problem is difficult to solve or remains unresolved, and possible workable solutions or approaches to resolving the issue/problem. (5)You should include your references at the end of your power point.

Refer to Grading Criteria following page.

1.Introduces topic and its relevance to advanced practice nursing15%
2.Includes pertinent historical aspects of the topic15%
3.Includes social, political, and legal aspects of the topic15%
4.Includes appropriate research findings related to the topic15%
5.a. Demonstrates critical analysis of importance of topic to advanced practice nursing today.b. Recognizes issues related to the topic.c. Clearly states opinion on the issue/problem.30%
6.a. Presentation was clear and easy to follow.b. Presentation was professional.c. References were included using 
APA format


There are many issues/problems facing nursing. The purpose of a post presentation analysis is to critically analyze the issue or problem that was presented to you by your cohort. You are expected to do your own computer search on the issue/problem so that you can add to the discussion in a meaningful way. Based on a critical analysis of your cohort’s presentation and your own research on the topic, discuss your position. Every student is expected to participate whether he/she presented or not. To post your response, first go to Blackboard Learn, under Discussions, you will find Class Post Analysis and Topic. Open the discussion topic and create a thread to respond. You should cite and reference your sources supporting your position. In addition, you are expected to respond to at least two other cohorts and your instructor. There will be no make-ups for thisassignment.

Refer to Grading Criteria on following page.

1.Demonstrates a critical analysis of the problem/issue15%
Communicates in an organized, accurate, & coherent mannerDiscusses topic in a meaningful way. Avoids relying solely on personal opinions/feelingsEffectively utilizes peer-reviewed journal articles, text, documents to support response to topic.Utilizes correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation.Includes references utilizing APA format.15%
Cites sources within body of text25%
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