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SEE 3850 – Negotiations and Agreements

My Personal Negotiation Experience

Graded Element #1

People negotiate almost daily, sometimes for major things like a new job or a new car, other times for relatively minor things, such as where to go for dinner. Negotiations occur to create something new or to resolve a problem or dispute between parties.

Characteristics common to all negotiation situations include two or more individuals, groups, or organizations, interpersonal, intragroup, or intergroup process. There is a conflict of interest between two or more parties. The parties negotiate because they think they can use some form of influence to get a better deal. The parties prefer to search for agreement rather than fight openly, have one side capitulate, permanently break off contact, or take their dispute to a higher authority to resolve it. When you negotiate, expect to give and take. Successful negotiation involves the management of intangibles and well as the resolving of intangibles.


Reflect in detail upon a time you have had to negotiate and then write about your experience answering the questions below. Paper must be a minimum of two pages, double spaced.

1. Describe what you negotiated and with whom you were negotiating. Explain what each side wanted to achieve as an end result of that negotiation.

2. How did you approach the situation? Elaborate on your strategy and give examples of how the negotiation proceeded.

3. Describe the outcome of your negotiation. Identify who was successful and explain, using examples, what was achieved.

4. What did you learn from this negotiation? Could you have handled the negotiation differently? Explain why or why not.

Assignment MUST include:

  • Cover Page with Student’s Name, Course Number and Title, Class Time and Date
  • Number and write out each question; answer in detail using complete paragraphs and sentences
  • Word Processed – 12 Point Font, Double-spaced
  • Free of grammatical and spelling errors
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