rough draft 75

Rough Draft

This Draft has two primary parts. You should write the paper as a cohesive whole; do not include section headers.

Part I – (this draws on opportunity cost (Ch 1) and markets (Ch 3))

Describe the fishing market using what you have learned about scarcity, marginal analysis in decision-making, and markets. You must include a discussion of resources, supply and demand, as well as marginal benefits and marginal costs. Think of this as an explanation of the pros and cons of the market using economic terminology.

Describe the benefits and costs but leave the discussion of catch shares and other solutions to the problems in this market for the next part. DO NOT discuss catch shares, only discuss the fishing market without this intervention. Feel free to use any stats or data that you find through your own research – make sure you use econ terminology.

Part II – (this draws on public/common goods (Ch 5) to improve the argument made in Part I)

Expand your discussion of the market from Part I, using what you have learned about market failures/problems and the feedback you received. Discuss why the market failure occurs and include the correct economic graph (you must discuss, describe, and reference the graph in your paper).

Consider catch shares and the helpful aspects of this government intervention. Explain the current government intervention and exactly how it corrects the market failure. Include any other beneficial aspects of catch shares that you find through your own research – make sure you use econ terminology throughout.

STOP! Make sure you meet the following or you will get an incomplete. There are NO re-submissions, you can only upload once.

  • Submit before the due date/time
  • Meet formatting and length requirements
  • No plagiarism
  • VERY Limited quoted text (must be writen in your own words)
  • Use economic terminology to discuss the market and scarcity
  • Use economic terminology to discuss the market failures (ch 5) and catch share solution
  • Include economic graph related to market failures and discuss it
  • Include updated bibliography page
  • Upload 1 file (you cannot upload text, graphs, etc as separate files)
  • Correct file type: doc or docx (NOT .pages or pdf)

Don’t wait until close to the deadline to upload because the system suffers from congestion. You might have to use a different web browser – sometimes Safari is problematic


BEFORE you submit double check you are uploading the correct file. Once you upload you will NOT be able to make any changes/submit a different file. ALL submissions are final

AFTER you submit review your submission. Make sure the upload was complete.

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