Role of Literature Review in the Research Process SLP

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The Session Long Project (SLP) for this course requires that you complete a matrix in which you align common characteristics of the research process to each research methodology identified (see below). You will also write a narrative essay to accompany this matrix, in which you describe the research characteristics and their applicability to each specific quantitative and qualitative research methodology.

The overall Session Long Project consists of four module assignments. You will complete a portion of the matrix in each module, and also submit a 3- to 4-page accompanying essay for each module.

Successful completion of the Session Long Project will produce a matrix that is completely filled-in with information, and a 12- to 16-page accompanying narrative essay.


You must complete the matrix below as you proceed through the course. The Session Long Project assignment will describe the portion of the matrix to be completed each module.

Experimental ResearchCorrelational StudySurvey ResearchGrounded TheoryEthnogra- phyCase StudyNarrative ResearchMixed MethodAction Research
Type of Research
Example of Research Problem
Type of Research Questions
Type of Variables
Role of Literature Review
Sample Population
Data Collection
Data Analysis
Evaluation of Findings

Submitting Your Assignments

You must submit each module’s SLP assignment (including the progressively completed matrix and accompanying 3- to 4-page essay) at the same time that you submit each module’s Case Assignment.

The following sections will contribute to your overall SLP narrative essay:

Module 1 – Overview of the Research Process (Including: Types of Research and Examples of Research Methodologies)

Module 2 – Research Questions, Variables, and Types of Data

Module 3 – Role of Literature Review in the Research Process

Module 4 – Data Collection and Data Analysis

In Module 4 you will combine all prior SLP module assignments and the new Module 4 assignment, as well as an introduction, conclusion, and bibliography, into one final document.

Each module of the Session Long Project will receive a grade and feedback. The final collated (or “combined”) document will receive a final project grade in Module 4.


Your task for the Module 3 SLP assignment is twofold:

FIRST, fill-in the matrix with information pertaining to the following item:

  • describe the “role” of literature review for each methodology listed in the matrix; for example, does the literature review play a major or minor role?

SECOND, write a 3- to 4-page narrative essay in which you address the following items:

  • compare and contrast the role of literature review in quantitative studies vs qualitative studies; identify the type of research in which literature review plays a bigger role and describe why this is so.


Please be sure to include an introductory paragraph within your essay that states the purpose of the Module 3 SLP assignment and informs the reader of the ideas to be discussed.

Also, please follow the APA format and style requirements, and include an APA-formatted reference list.

Remember, in Module 4 you will combine all prior SLP module assignments and the new Module 4 assignment, as well as an overall introduction, conclusion, and bibliography, into one final document.

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