Rewrite a Capstone Report (WRITTEN PROJECT)

Question description

Rewrite an already written report. No same sentences, no same screenshot, rewrite it to be original. Rubric is attached, as well as CAPSTONE to be re-written.

Task 3: Post-Implementation Report


This task will consist of a post-implementation report for the project you proposed in task 2. Your report will explain how you implemented an IT solution to successfully resolve the identified problem, including your methodology for project implementation.

Your work for task 3 will not be evaluated until the appropriate forms in tasks 1 and 2 are complete.


Develop a post-implementation report of your completed project in a narrative format by doing the following:

A. Summary: Summarize the actual development of the completed project.

B. Review of Other Work: Provide a review of three additional works on your topic (not referenced in task 2) that supported the actual development of this project.

Note: These other works may include interviews, white papers, research studies, or other types of work by industry professionals.

C. Changes to Project Environment: Describe the changes made to the project environment by the implementation of your project.

D. Methodology: Explain how you applied a standard project management methodology for the implementation of your project.

E. Project Goals and Objectives: Explain how some goals and objectives were met and why some goals and objectives for your project were not accomplished.

F. Project Timeline: Explain why you did or did not meet the timeframes set for your project, including any differences between the projected dates and the actual completion dates.

G. Unanticipated Requirements: Explain any unanticipated requirements or components and how you resolved them.

H. Conclusion: Discuss actual results and potential effects of the completed project.

I. Project Deliverables: Include artifacts showing evidence of project completion.

Note: Possible deliverables may include the following:

• code samples or screen shots

• flowcharts, UML, or other process diagrams

• charts, tables, and graphs

• network diagrams (before and after)

• training materials

• technical IT product itself

J. Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.

Note: For definitions of terms commonly used in the rubric, see the Rubric Terms web link included in the Evaluation Procedures section.

Note: When using sources to support ideas and elements in an assessment, the submission MUST include APA formatted in-text citations with a corresponding reference list for any direct quotes or paraphrasing. It is not necessary to list sources that were consulted if they have not been quoted or paraphrased in the text of the assessment.

Note: No more than a combined total of 30% of a submission can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased from outside sources, even if cited correctly. For tips on using APA style, please refer to the APA Handout web link included in the APA Guidelines section.

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