revise these paper


these papers are written by you last week and each of them about 2-3pages,

and the requirement is around 4 pages, so you need to add 1 page for each paper, that’s all!

Each Literature Review should include the following sections:

  • Provide full citation in MLA (or APA) format
  • Provide a brief summary as to what the reading is about
  • Give some information on the author(s)
  • Identify and define RELEVANT key terms and concepts
  • Give three pertinent quotations that might be used in the research paper
  • Interpret the meaning of each quotation and explain the significance for the student’s project. This might be done by writing a couple of sentences that connect terms and concepts from each quotation to the larger research project
  • For the second and subsequent readings, students should write several sentences explaining how the terms and concepts in the quotations connect to previous readings and trace areas of agreement and disagreement about particular topics
  • Identify new questions so as to delve even more deeply into the research

Your literature review should demonstrate that you have read the material closely, and that you comprehend it. Furthermore, these Literature Reviews could be of immense use not only in contributing to your body of knowledge about the topic under investigation, but also because sections of your reviews might be incorporated directly into your research paper.


  • Provide full citation in MLA (or APA) format exactly as it will appear on your Works Cited (or References) page.
  • Give one sentence of information about who the author/s are to verify that they are a credible and scholarly source.

Remember that the source must be substantive (no short sources), from a scholarly book or journal, and must include references or citations. Zero points given if the source is not scholarly unless I have approved it in advance.


  • Summarize the text in your own words and make sure to cover the main argument of the source. Include a description of the methods the author/s used to develop the argument.


  • Identify at least TWO important terms or concepts from the reading. Define each one according to how the term is used in the reading. One or both of the terms must be a theoretical framing concept (if the source has no theoretical content it is not likely to be a scholarly source).


  • Select three quotations that are important and relevant to your project. Write out each quote, paraphrase its meaning in your own words, and then interpret and analyze it in terms of your own developing argument.


  • For the second and subsequent Source Evaluations, write several sentences of synthesis: Explain specificallyhow the terms and concepts in the quotations you selected connect to the texts in your previous Source Evaluations, and trace areas of agreement and disagreement between the readings.


  • Reflect on how the source contributes to your research project. What are its limitations? What are its strengths? How timely is the source?
  • What sources does your source use and how does it use them? Might any of those sources be useful to you?
  • Identify any new questions you came up with while reading that might guide your future research.
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