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Chapter 8 Spreadsheet E

In this week’s Module, read the file entitled ‘Chapter 8 Assignment E with Questions.’ Save the spreadsheet file, also posted in this week’s Module (Chapter 8 spreadsheet E) and use it to complete Assignment E with Questions.

Note that questions 2-5 each ask you to go back to the spreadsheet created for question 1 and change something in it. So in the interest of efficiency, just copy the Q1 worksheet in its entirety to each of the question worksheets (e.g. Q2, Q3, etc). Then all you need to do is change the one thing that the question asks you to change.

Next, answer the questions at the end of the file ‘Chapter 8 Assignment E with Questions.’ You may answer the questions on each spreadsheet, or create a separate document containing just the question answers.

Submit your spreadsheet and your question answers here in Canvas.

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