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Child abuse can be classified into different forms, which include physical, sexual, emotional. Medical and neglect. There are different methods of physical abuse which the processes include evaluating the severity of the injury, type, and location. Often children are psychologically withdrawn which can include feels of being ashamed, confusion, and often withdrawn. Changes in behavior can also reflect abuse, include the children becoming angry, hyperactive, possible decline in school activity. Some warning signs to monitor in behavior is depression, rebellious behavior, and increase risk for suicide. Physical abuse can be unexplained bruises or inju ries. These factors can include a history of injuries or injuries in various stages. Often children that are physical abuse have traumatic brain injuries or multiple fractures.

My facility is an inpatient psych hospital. When the patients are admitted into the hospital, they are assessed for signs and symptoms of abuse. The units that I work are primarily adult male. Some come from broken families, drug abuse, and homeless. It is difficult to assess theses patient’s when they arrive on the unit due to their lack of medication compliance. The patients will be put on peer restrictions, if there is violence within the hospital. If the patient has a history of abuse with their relatives or family members, the hospital police and court system associated with the hospital will place a restraining order. As an RN on these units we are often attacked by the patients. As a care giver you have to handle the attack in a professional manner. We are able to defend ourselves only by protecting ourselves. I was punched in the face by a patient one time, and I had to walk away. Fortunately for the health care providers, we can press charges for any type of abuse in the hospital.


Wu, M.-F., Lu, T.-H., Lin, C.-J., & Feng, J.-Y. (2015). Risk factors and physical signs of child abuse in hospitalized children in Taiwan. Children & Youth Services Review , 58 , 137–141.

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