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There are nursing organizations that support the nursing field and advocate for nursing practice. One such organization is the American Nurses Association (ANA). The ANA is involved with developing health policy and law. It reviews the Federal Register (a daily report which shows proposed changes to policies or regulations) regularly and takes into account public comments when making recommendations to improve or alter policies in any way when it comes to nursing (Helbig, 2018). The 15 agencies that can make changes to the policies look at what the ANA has recommended when making their decisions.

Helbig (2018) also mentions that the ANA advocates for nurses on all government levels through different programs. One such program is the ANA’s State Government Affairs Program in which it follows bills introduced to state legislatures on a monthly basis. Nursing scope of practice and other workplace issues are addressed in this program. The ANA looks at the information provided in these programs and shares it.

We are in desperate need of organizations like the ANA because we need a voice to represent us and stand up for us. As nurses, we advocate for our patients and stand up for them to do what’s right. The ANA is an advocate for nurses in the same way. They are our voice and raise awareness to the problems that we face as nurses.


Helbig, J. (2018). Dynamics in Nursing: Art and Science of Professional Practice. Advancing Professional

Standards. Retrieved from


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