research design with at least one observation.

Question description

this is instruction: what the professor said :

The assignment for the second draft, is to write a complete
research design with at least one observation. It should be at least 10 pages 
Your research question.
. This must include a description of
research in all of the main concepts that are relevant to your hypothesis, and
must have at least 10 social science sources.
A description of why your hypothesis is an educated guess. This should be in
your own words. If this section is less than a page then you are doing it
A clear, one-sentence statement of your hypothesis. If this is more than one
sentence (or if it is a run-on sentence) then you are doing it wrong.
An explanation of the units that you will use in order to test your hypothesis.
An explanation of your key independent variable, a definition of it, and a
description of how you will measure it in practice.
An explanation of your key dependent variable, a definition of it, and a
description of how you will measure it in practice.
At least one observation. (For most of you: a case study of one of your units,
with your measures of the independent and dependent variables.)
I strongly encourage you to meet with me before the due date to discuss how to
organize the paper given your particular topic.

this information to help you write my paper :

in the sec draft First you are going to explain about the hypothesis(why is my hypothisis is an educated guess ) then talk about the units which is the countries that you will compare : us, uk , Australia, Canada, germany, china , korea . then explain why you are comparing these countries why not others . Then talk about the independent variable and the dependent variable. Then start compare the countries how much pulltion how is the population is the country rich or poor , how is the income for this country .

o1 . my resrch qustion is why do some poor countries do not protect thier air is it becuase of the government or because of people ?

If the independent variable is how rich the country is, then you need to compare countries that have different levels of income. So you must include some rich countries, some middle-income countries, and some poor countries.

my independent variable is how richest the country is

my dependent variable : the amount of pulltion in the country

MY HYPOTHESIS : Rich countries have cleaner air in comparison to poor countries ,MIDDLE CLASS COUNTRIES HAVE MORE POLLUTIONTags: politicalresrch

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