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CLASS: Diet and Fitness




Heart beats faster

Starting to sweat

Temperature rises

Out of breath

I moved for 30 minutes, I got two 8 pound weights and starting squatting and jumping with them for intervals. When I felt like I wouldn’t be able to do another squat I would walk for a couple seconds to catch my breath. After about five minutes I started feeling my heart beat faster. After 15 minutes I started sweating and I got hot. After 20 minutes I was out of breath and had to take more walking breaks. I do like the feeling of sweating and being out of breath because I know I’m pushing my limits and will improve the more I exercise.




I feel like the benefits of cardiorespiratory endurance exercise are control of weight, improvement in mental well-being and improved functioning of the cardiorespiratory organs. Control of weight is important to me, because as I’m getting older the body doesn’t feel as good as it used to when you have extra weight. It’s harder to move around, and working in a warehouse I’m moving 10 hours a day, so maintaining a healthy weight is important. Overall mental well-being is important to me because it’s hard to maintain a positive attitude working long hours and attending school, but when I start feeling stressed, I can listen to music and go for a jog or hop on my bike and I feel better afterwards. Improved functioning of the lungs and heart are extremely important for my job and just for my overall well-being , to be able to run around with my nephew and to feel good.

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