Reflection Paper,. 1-2 pages.

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Reflection Paper, psychology article review. 1-2 pages. APA

Students working in the field of ABA are often exposed, on a more intimate level, to a family or individual’s life, unlike those working in other professions, as ABA is often provided within the home or community of the recipient. Even for those providing ABA services within a clinic based setting, the details requested of clients or families regarding their everyday happenings exceeds that of a visit to a physician or specialist. The details provided may be necessary to make decisions regarding programming, but what is the most important information and what may be left out due to cultural difference or lack of understanding. Additionally, what bias or prejudices does a practitioner bring into an environment due to a lack of cultural competence. Cultural differences may be thought to be a barrier to appropriate treatment by the practitioner. Examples: financial constraints may not allow for a family to purchase materials deemed necessary by the practitioner, a family’s expectation of academic skills above all other skill acquisition may not be the focus of the goals of a program, a desire for age appropriate leisure activities or dating rituals/sexual activity by the client may not be the accepted by the guardians, or inclusion in religious ceremonies may be at the forefront of a parent for a child with few self-help skills. Practitioners may not value the importance placed on a particular skill that a family identifies as significant. In Module 1 read: Dunaway, K.E., Morrow, J.A., and Porter, B.E. (2012). Development and validation of the cultural competence of program evaluators (CCPE) self-report scale. American Journal of Evaluation, 33, 4, 496-514, Preview the document and one additional article chosen from those listed below (Choose 1 new article each term, do not repeat any article). Then complete a minimum of a 1 page single spaced reflection paper. In your reflection paper include the results of your self-report scale, summary of the additional article you chose, and how you include cultural competence in your direct field work. Foronda, C.L. (2008). A concept analysis of cultural sensitivity. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 19, 3, 207-212. doi: 10.1177/1043659608317093 RUBRIC:This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Submission of Self-evaluation results and 1 page reflection paper that includes how the student applies cultural competence within their direct field work.

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