ransomware attacks have been on the news you are required to investigate how often this attack disrupt industries especially in the healthcare industries 1

Ransomware attacks have been on the News, you are required to investigate how often this attack disrupt industries, especially in the healthcare industries. Then, using the frequencies of occurrence in the healthcare, hypnotized the probability of ransomware attacks in the healthcare industries in a single year.

Paper Organization (300pts)

Use Times New Roman 12 font and double spaced. Ensure you are familiar with current APA guidelines as it relates to writing research paper.

  1. Cover page (Use sample paper as a guide) (10pts)
  2. Need introduction paragraph with thesis statement (50pts)
  3. Three different pages with each supporting research works (90pts)
    • Hypothesis
    • Body
  1. Concluding paragraph (50pts)
  • Reference page (50pts): Provide at least 10 academic journal references to support your research
  1. Follow APA Guidelines (50pts)
  2. 8 to 11 pages total

PPT Presentation (About 20 minutes Long; 200pts)

  • Wear Business Attire (10pts)
  • Slide 1-Cover page with title (10pts)
  • Slide 2– Group Names
  • Slide 3-Introduction (25pts)
  • Slide 4-Thesis statement (20pts)
  • Slides 5 – 8- Different ideas in different paragraphs (75pts)
  • Slide 9-Summary (20pts)
  • Slide 10-References (40pts)

make sure about plagiarism

make sure 20 march Friday i need introduction part befor 4 p.m. EST

and full paper and presentation Saturday

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