public policy proposal


This assignment will assess all course competencies.

Directions: COMPOSE a public policy proposal addressing a current criminal justice issue.

Write an essay using the following format:

Answer the directions below in no more than 3,000 words.

The assignment should be submitted using Microsoft Word with default margins, using 12 point Times New Roman black font, be double-spaced, and be in essay format.

Default Margin Formatting:

Alignment: Left

Outline Level: Body Text

Indentation: Left and Right: 0

Special: None

By: Leave blank

Spacing: Before and After: 0

Line Spacing: Double

At: Leave blank

Don’t add space between paragraphs of same style: check


  1. EXPLORE the various, current issues regarding any (or all) of the three core actors of the criminal justice system- the police, courts, and corrections. You may further explore a topic previously used in this course. Select an issue where each of the additional directions (criteria) below can be applied to it in your analysis (2[e] is the only exception). IDENTIFY the issue- this is your identified issue.
  2. IDENTIFY the following as it applies to your topic:
    1. Public opinion surrounding the identified issue.
    2. Identification and goals, of at least one interest group, that has your position on the identified issue.
    3. The current federal, or state, corrective measures taken (if any) to address your identified issue.
    4. The political positions of the Republican and Democrat parties for your identified issue.
    5. Political gridlock, or in-fighting (only if this is applicable to your identified issue), that has hampered the passage of necessary legislation to address your identified issue.
  3. COMPOSE a public policy proposal, intended to influence legislation, with the following components:
    1. A brief history outlining the history of the identified issue.
    2. Identification, using real-world examples, of the current disposition of the identified issue.
    3. Your proposal to address (or correct or solve) the identified issue rooted in one Major Model of the Criminal Justice System (page 37 in the class textbook- you select one (1) of the models to apply. In the Mays and Ruddell textbook, use the discussion in Chapter 2 regarding the two models of criminal justice.
    4. Explanation- using credible academic sources, evidence, and statistics- EVALUATE and APPRAISE how your proposed plan will address (or correct or solve) the identified issue for the majority of society.
  4. Conclusion: IDENTIFY the specific steps (the pathway) that you will take to introduce the proposed policy proposal, for legislation purposes, to the state or federal government.

* You must be detailed in this section. For example: “I will mail my proposal to the state governor’s office” is not sufficient.
* You could, for example, IDENTIFY an elected member of the state (or federal) government that you align with on the identified issue to then detail how you plan to get the attention of the political member to your public policy proposal.
* The pathway must be legitimate and possible in the real-world.

* Include at least five academic or professional sources to support your work.

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