Project 2: Programming Project

Question Description

This assignment consists of implementing an application using the techniques learned within the course. Examples on how to use file operations, the standard template library, and other features are provided in theSample Programs (for Project 2) section located the Modules content area. The examples provide a starting point for your implementation.

Your program must compile and you must provide all of the source code files (e.g, files ending in .h, and .cpp). If necessary, you should also provide a brief outline describing how to run your program. You may use any resources, books, or notes. All resources that you use, except for the textbook, must be mentioned as comments next to the applicable lines of source code, or as a general comment at the top of the each file. You may also work with one other classmate on this project if you desire, but you must mention all of your names as comments in the sections of the source code in which you collaborated. If you collaborate on the entire project, both of your names must be in all of the source code files, and only one person needs to submit the assignment.

This assignment weighs 15% of your course grade. I highly recommended that you begin working on this assignment starting in Week 5, so that you can ask questions as early as possible. I also recommend that you work with one other student on this assignment. If you work with someone else, only one submission is necessary. Be sure to include both of your names in the source code comments and submission note.

Note: You may use any type of books or resources. You must mention any resources that you use, other than the textbook as a comment within the source code. Remember that you are not to post questions related to this assignments in any public open forum other then those for this course in Canvas. Also note that pay for websites or public open forums for programming solutions are not an acceptable method for completing this assignment. If you have questions, don’t sit on it for too long, ask me in the Ask the Instructor forum or you may discuss this project with each other in the Student Lounge. If you are shy or would like for me to review your code, send me an e-mail.

Late submissions cannot be accepted for this assignment.

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