presentation correlation between income level and job satisfaction

Presentation – Correlation Between Income Level and Job Satisfaction

This assignment connects all of the knowledge you’ve learned in units 1-, and demonstrates the “real-world” application that course is centered on. This assignment could also be included in a portfolio to demonstrate a basic understanding of quantitative reporting.

Scenario: You have been tasked with investigating the relationship between income level and job satisfaction and reporting the results back to the HR director. The company you work for intends to use this in a larger study of income and incentives related to getting and keeping employees, to reduce turnover costs.

Part 1:

Using the data set provided below, calculate the correlation between income and job satisfaction. Using Excel, or one of the free online tools, calculate the correlation between the two variables and create a scatterplot showing the relationship between the variables.

Income Job Satisfaction
20,000 8
22,000 7
29,000 6
33,000 5
39,000 3
44,000 9
21,000 4
52,000 5
61,000 8
28,000 4
31,000 6
39,000 7
42,000 8
55,000 6
77,000 9
31,000 8
36,000 3
43,000 5
37,000 5
152,000 7

Part 2: Create a slide presentation using a presentation software of your choice (i.e., PowerPoint, Prezi, Canva, Google Slides, etc.) to report your results using statistical methods and results terminology. Include a table of your data set, the correlation analysis results, and a scatterplot.

Your slide presentation report should include the following slides:


Discuss the purpose of this study, the setting, variables, sample, and how the results might be used.


State your research question and hypothesis. Describe the variables, methods of analysis, and steps taken to test the hypothesis.


Describe your results from the correlation analysis. Was there a strong correlation? Cite a scholarly source to support your assessment of the correlation strength. Include your table of results and scatterplot of the comparison between the two variables.


Discuss your results and consider the limitations of the study, the nature of the variables, other possible variables that might affect the relationship between the two variables, and how your results might be applicable to a work environment.

Your slide presentation report must include

  • A title slide with the following:
    • Title of paper
    • Name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date
  • Introduction and conclusion slides.
  • A separate references slide. You must use at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed, or credible sources. It is important that the paper is in proper APA format. Refer to the General APA Guidelines from Purdue Owl for more information.

Review the rubric to ensure you understand how you will be evaluated on this assignment: Unit 6 Rubric

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