posting employees internationally

Original question: What are the key success factors in posting employees internationally?

Please respond to two students in apa format and required word count for each is 250 words.

Student 1 Kimberly

With the ever-expanding global marketplace in today’s economy, companies have begun to position some of their employees in international positions. To successfully manage this, employers must identify and utilize the appropriate individual. An individual must be able to adapt to the culture of the host company. Generally speaking, an inability to adapt to the cultural changes encountered is the biggest reason for an employee to resign from an overseas assignment (Mello, 2015). One article stated that some employees accept oversea assignments in order to escape difficulties at home (Andresen, Biemann, & Pattie, 2015). While this may be true, accepting a position as a method of escape does not guarantee a successful transition.

An expatriate’s attitude will impact how successful he or she will be in the position. Openness to trying new things and a willingness to learn are vital to an international position. The economic stability of the host country can also impact how successful an employee posting will be. Employees who feel safe and secure are more likely to continue in a position (Kim & Froese, 2012). Placing an expatriate in a country where English is spoken in the business world will also help to ensure the success of the mission. When an employee cannot understand those he or she works with the success rate on the job falters. An employer must offer training about culture and language if it wants its postings to succeed (Kim & Froese, 2012). The company must also attend to its employee’s emotional needs. Job satisfaction is key if an international posting is going to be successful (Silbiger, Berger, Barnes, & Renwick, 2017).

Student 2 Tierca

There are several key success factors in posting employees internationally. The employees that organization post internationally are experts in their study. They also are the ones who perform well within the organization . The well performing employees are also the ones that have the ability to attract to other culture beside of their own. Therefore, they can understand other culture just as they understand their culture. Another key success factor that organization has when posting their employees internationally is that they are welling to respect and be empathetic towards other different cultures. The employees that organizations post international are the ones that are willing to leave their families behind and relocate. However, employees that is willing to relocate is another success factor when posting employees internationally. International jobs have became important, which cause the job market to increase (Hernandez,2019). The international employees hasn’t been getting the attention that they need (Hernandez,2019). Therefore, the success of these international companies has decreased in numbers(Hernandez,2019). The companies can’t run if they don’t have any employees to get the job done. In addition, the employees is successful international because they have adequate and competitive operating system (Greene,1968).The systems that they use in the US will not be the same system that they uses outside of the United States.

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