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In Nursing practice, critical thinking define as the ability to make “clinical decision in a systematic and logical manner with openness to question and reflect on the reasoning process used to ensure safe nursing practice and quality care (Heaslip,1993).” Nurses are critical thinkers and because of this skill, whom able to multitask and facilitate decision making during urgent judgment call. Nurses are problem solvers at the bedside of patients, and the front liner to notice decline condition of the patient; therefore, nurses need to be able to recognize and use critical thinking skills to act quickly to change any potential decompensate situation.

Evidence-based-practice defines as “a continuous interactive process involving the explicit [precise], conscientious [careful, thorough] and judicious [well thought-out, well judged] consideration of the best available evidence to provide care.”( The Canadian Nurses Association (2002, p. 1)

Critical thinking is an essential skill to develop and support Evidence-based-practice. The use of “Evidence-based practice can contribute positively to patient outcomes”(Profetto-McGrath, 2003, Tanner, 1999). A critical thinker will ask appropriate questions and if they don’t know the answers they will proactively research it themselves. For example, If I see some MD orders that I’m not familiar with, I will stop and ask questions, then proceed if my questions are answered. I will not simply follow the orders and not think of it for my patient’s best interest. “It is this curiosity that partly fuels nurses’ search for best practices; this is best reflected in the questions they ask.”(Young and Profetto-McGrath) It’s also necessary to understand researched evidence in order to use it or teach it to your patients. Patient education is a big part of my nursing care every day, I found myself always educating my patients as I prep them for surgery. Patients seem more comfortable and satisfy as they are learning why they need to get ready in a certain way to avoid some common complications of surgery.


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