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In my experience nurses are highly respected and the general public tends to think of nurses as people that they can depend on to take care of them and their loved ones. In my opinion nurses are the face of healthcare. However, according to Dean, “the public perception of nursing varies depending upon the timeframe.” Nursing was first performed by men who magical healing powers (Dean). Nursing was also at one time performed by prostitutes. With the introduction of Florence Nightingale the nursing began to take on a more respected and well thought of profession (Dean). Nursing can be influenced by culture, the media, and Hollywood. Hollywood, for example, often show nurses, played by actors, as sex symbols or drug addicts (Dean). I feel that the media has the biggest impact on nurses. People tend to post everything about their lives on social media, even nurses. Sometimes this can have negative consequences depending on what is being posted. Posting negative comments about a work day can cost a person their job. In today’s day and age employers will look at a potential employee’s social media account before decided whether or not to hire that person.

According to Dean, “standards of professional performance are defined by nurses’ behavior in their nursing roll. Standards of professional performance include ethics, education, evidence-based practice and research, quality of practice, communication, leadership, collaboration, professional performance evaluation, resource utilization, and environmental health.” When following the standards of practice nurses can promote a positive opinion by the general public.


Dean, J.K. (2018). Practice and Competency Development. Dynamics in Nursing Art & Science of Professional Practice.…

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