please answer the questions in the attached document

Question Description

Identify Environmental Health Hazards and Problems

  • Identify an Environmental Health Concern/problem related to your emphasis (general environmental health, industrial hygiene, occupational health, or hazardous waste management) and provide background about the hazards and environmental health problem.You can use the format of Cases I and II as a guide to develop a description of the background.List references used to identify the concern and problem
  • With the concern and problem, list evidence on health effects of the environmental hazard. Provide references to support your statements.
  • Identify uncertainty in estimating health effects of the environmental hazard using page 12 of Reading Material _ Epidemiology of Environmental Health as the guide.
  • Identify the key steps of a systematic review of the environmental concern/problem identified in your assignment.
  • List sources/databases for you to use in collecting information for conducting a systematic literature review.
  • Define high-risk groups.Is there any possible high-risk groups associated with the environmental concern and problem identified in your assignment?

Exposure Assessment

  • What is the purpose of exposure assessment in environmental epidemiology?
  • What are the differences between ambient monitoring and biological monitoring?

3.What type of biological monitoring indicates an internal exposure dose?

4.Please identify the conditions as either direct or indirect measurement

4.1A researcher may collect personal breathing zone samples to assess concentrations of doses of volatile organic compounds inhaled by an individual.

4.2John collected questionnaires to characterize exposure.

4.3Roberto used survey data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to estimate lead exposure to children in the U.S..

4.4Jennifer collected urine samples to detect dimethylarsinic acid in order to characterize arsenic exposure from well water consumption.

5. List five types of data to estimate exposure concentrations.Please rank the data from best to poorest assessment by using 1 to 5.

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