plagiarism 22

300 words in list format on how to avoid plagiarism. Incorporate the below questions in the write up.

-what exactly is plagiarism? Write your own definition of plagiarism based on what you have learned this week.

-What is the difference between unintentional plagiarism and intentional plagiarism?

-A student inserted a quote into his paper. He included quotation marks, but he did not include a citation. Is this plagiarism? Why or why not?

-A student borrowed information from a source and included a citation in her paper. The borrowed information maintained the same sentence structure as the original source, but many of the words were replaced with synonyms. Is this plagiarism? Why or why not?

-A student submitted a paper that consisted of 40% quoted material. All of the information included quotation marks and citations. Is this plagiarism? Why or why not?

-What are the consequences of committing plagiarism at Excelsior College?

-How can a student ensure that he or she has not committed plagiarism?

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