phd level research paper

Research Paper Question (PhD Level)

A new clothing retail company of 10 stores is being established and

they need to assess the risks to their systems in order to develop a cyber

security plan. What risks would such a company face and what would be

key processes and procedures they need to consider to address these risks?


1) APA Formatting

2) 10 references (Must included in both reference section and in-text citation)

3) 10 pages overall (does not include title page and reference page) – so total would be 12 pages

4) Hoping very minimum plagiarism (10%) – otherwise will lose all grades for this semester

Second Requirement:

> Need a presentation .ppt created based on this research paper (10 slide works) – Professor will ask us randomly which slide is referencing which slide\


Due dates:

both research paper and ppt by latest 4 pm latest tomorrow

– This is required in

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