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This group assignment, it just has to be done 7 and 8 points. 

there is a example.

Group Coalition Proposal

Topic: Nutrition, Food, and Obesity

  1. Coalition Name and who is      affected by the public health problem
    1. Name of the group coalition is       clearly and concisely stated. Identification of the population(s)       affected by the problem is clear and explicit. Prevalence of the general       population affected and the low-income or vulnerable populations in       comparison to two other population groups is thoroughly and clearly       discussed. Statistics are concisely included.

2. What has been written on the public health issue?

a. Thorough description of what has been written on the public health issue. At least three clear and thorough descriptions are included (such as studies in peer-reviewed journals, media coverage: editorials; opinion pieces; investigative journalism, blogs, etc…)

3. Economic impact of the public health problem/issue

a. The economic impact of the public health problem is clearly and thoroughly described and discussed. Healthcare costs and/or productivity loss are clearly and thoroughly reviewed and discussed. Employee absenteeism/presenteeism is identified and explicitly described. Clear statistics are included.

4. Work on the issue by governmental/non-governmental agencies

a. Three or more governmental/non-governmental agencies, and clear and thorough description of the work focused on the issue is identified, discussed and included

5. Policy solution for the selected public health problem/issue

a. A specific policy solution that can be addressed by a policymaker/elected official is explicitly and thoroughly discussed and identified. Correct identification of a bill number, ordinance, etc.. is discussed. The selected policy solution is clearly connected to the selected public health problem/issue.

6. Description of What a Coalition Is

a. Definition of a coalition is clearly and explicitly stated. Two common goals of a coalition are completely and clearly discussed. Description of why starting a coalition is thoroughly discussed and described. Three specific reasons for forming a coalition are clearly included and thoroughly described. A clear and complete discussion of when should you develop a coalition is included. Two circumstances that can lead to initiating a coalition and the three most essential types of members that form a coalition are thoroughly discussed. A clear description from the text stating the “one key of forming an effective coalition” is included. A clear and thorough description of an asset map from the text is stated.

7.     Coalition member description

a.      Number of stakeholders/organizations represented in the coalition coincides with the number of students in the group. Stakeholders/organization members are explicitly connected to the purpose of the coalition (e.g. they all belong to the same cause).

8.     Coalition stakeholder/organization, agency mission, goals, contribution

Ta.      Coalition stakeholder/organization/agency mission and goals are clearly and thoroughly discussed for all members. Identification and description of what the coalition member can contribute to the coalition effort and why is clearly and thoroughly described. All group coalition members are accounted for in this description.T

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